Welcome to Ambrace

Product designer, installer and distributor for Audi steering wheel modules.

We designed hardware and software to retrofit Audi steering wheels. We’ve build a Plug&Play solution for almost any Audi platform. The installation can be done by anyone who has basic technical background.

Ambrace is a side project of 2 friends, Mathieu and Maarten. We both have a passion for technology in general. Designing products with high quality is in our DNA. As a daily job, next to Ambrace, we both do engineering in electronics, software and product development in general.

New product announcement – LIN Lite for Audi A6 C7.5 owner

NEW feature for all A6 C7 facelift owners!

No need for a new steering wheel to add track skipping (and drive select) functions! With our LIN lite module it’s possible to add these functions to the original steering wheel. The original function of the buttons stay available on long press.

Installation process (15 minutes):

  • Take out the airbag
  • Wire up the LIN lite module with plug and play harness
  • Insert the airbag back in place
  • Enjoy!

Note 1: on some C7 pre facelift versions this is also possible depending on the MMI firmware.
Note 2: only on facelift C7 drive select can be added on the asterisk button without the actual need of the drive select button.
Note 3: heated steering wheels are also supported

Price: €120 + shipping (VAT excluded)

LIN Lite

Our ‘LIN Lite’ converter module is an easy way for retrofitting newer Audi steering wheels to older generation of Audi cars. It comes with wire harness for plug and play installation. Custom repin-tools are included as well as installation instructions and remote support during installation. It supports heated steering wheels too.